About Bonsai Guitars

Bonsai Guitars hasn't always been here... not that long ago the owners didn't even play the ukulele. Keef, the boss, is a guitarist and has been playing for many many years ('ere hang on not that many).... Anyway, in 2004 he bought a ukulele at Cambridge Folk Festival to wind his mate up and hasn't stopped playing since. Dragging his partner, Annie, into the equation, and teaching her how to play as well, created a partnership which had no home. They already ran a very successful acoustic music club (www.acousticclub.co.uk) so threw down the gauntlet to some of their members to join them at the Bishops Stortford Music Festival (www.stortfest.co.uk) for a ukulele set. Thus was born the Bishops Stortford Ukulele Society (www.bsus.co.uk).

In view of the local, as well as national and international popularity of the ukulele (and Keef being asked where people could buy a ukulele) he stumbled on a supplier and the concept of Bonsai Guitars emerged.

Bonsai Guitars is unlike any other music shop; it specialises in ukuleles with a passion and an understanding. Basically, they get it. They don't bite, they do play ukuleles; they do sing silly songs and have fun and will go out of their way to help other people enjoy the same.

Have FUN
Keef and Annie

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